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Jamal Tawfiq Al-Dabbagh

Syncrotek Holding expands in Middle East with JTD & APC

United States  - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 


Partnership with industry Veteran Jamal Tawfiq Al-Dabbagh founder, chairman and CEO of JTD and Arabian Projects, Syncrotek appointed JTD and APC as official distributor for Waveburg Pro®, WCad®, Nox Audio®, & Lumina Pro®


JTD, headquartered in riyadh, is a full service smart systems provider and installer, that follows a unique professional strategy in all aspects and directions.

Powered by highly qualified diverse staff and guided by a firm knowledge of the industry and its processes, our company has been pivotal in molding a number of valuable projects.

Our staff consists of talented multinational individuals with varied backgrounds in advertising and marketing industry, as well as the it solutions, smart systems, and the interior design field.

This mixture of unique ideas and long-term experience had given rise to exceptional work which has led to a long-term trust with our privileged clients.


APC was established by his late father Tawfiq J. Al Dabbagh in the late 60s and rebirthed in 1988 by JD with a new purpose.

APC is a privately held, professional iT / audiovisual services company operating in Riyadh, where we onsite with our clients and perform the detailed design, development, integration, testing and quality assurance.

APC brings together a comprehensive set of market leading solutions - with the full support and value of smart system knowledge services and training to deliver a complete project solution for our customers.


“Syncrotek has recently introduced the newest tool to the destination’s marketing industry,” added Nour Noury, regional manager , Syncrotek . “MITA (magic in the air) aims to create a relationship between places and visitors, keeping them happy out of the blue through a mix of technology, art, and destination marketing, so, our strategic partnership with JTD & APC is not only about supplying high-end products and solutions, it's about creating the magic.”

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