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Polaris by KVRD in Collaboration with Syncrotek Holding Introduce MITA to the Middle East

Polaris by KVRD, New Cairo’s newest must-visit destination developed to offer unique experiences to visitors through its selection of international and local restaurants each offering delicious diverse cuisines. But that’s not all that makes Polaris stands out bright amongst New Cairo’s many destinations, Polaris capitalized on the newest advancements for Destination Marketing -MITA- to stay ahead in giving all guests unforgettable experiences.


‘MITA’; ‘Magic in the Air’ is the latest state-of-the-art destination marketing concept, and it is the secret to upgrading a destination from just attractive to becoming uniquely unforgettable. Through science, all destination aspects work in harmony to stimulate and celebrate the senses of each visitor to reach a state of unexplained happiness. This leads to an ever-lasting bond with the brand and the destination, which Syncrotek Holding in collaboration with KVRD introduced ‘MITA’ to the Egyptian market for the first time in Polaris.


In Mohamed Gabr’s statement, President of Syncotek Holding; He is pleased to announce Polaris, as the first ever ‘MITA’ approved project in the Middle East and Africa. In a highly competitive market for Mixed Use Destinations, Polaris will undoubtedly stand out by being the first to focus on presenting a wonderfully unique experience.

In turn, Nehad Adel, CEO of KVRD commented; ‘Our partnership with Syncrotek Holding was a natural choice due to their innovative technology and reputable international portfolio. They completed the missing piece in Polaris’ experience puzzle, where every visitor can indulge in a diversity of cuisines and cafes, while children enjoy designated entertainment areas, all while ‘MITA’ is bringing the whole experience together with vibes that visitors cannot find anywhere else.


KVRD’s prime focus on each guest’s unique experience led their search to capitalize on MITA in order to take Polaris as a destination to the next level. MITA can be experienced in Polaris through the destination’s art and theme, conceptual design of lighting visuals, acoustic solutions to reduce ambient noise from surroundings, a full design and supply of high dynamic audio systems as well as design and manufacturing for custom subwoofers, breathtaking architecture pixel mapping show, archi-tainment light design, and unique design for custom bollard lights.


As Mohamed Ghanem, Technical Director of Syncrotek Holding beamed; Syncrotek Holding is always looking for the best developers to work with, and that is what KVRD brings to the table with all of the complete factors we look for in order to form a successful partnership.


Teamwork was the key to the success of this collaboration as Sherif Ali -KVRD’s Project Manager- put it. Working hand in hand with Syncrotek Holding project manager Ahmed Sonbol to facilitate all technical challenges with a goal to achieve the perfect harmony between MITA and Polaris to present Cairo’s market with everything it deserves; a perfect destination for every morning, date, family dinner, and celebration.


This is only the start though, the collaboration has already been extended and signed for Sidewalk by KVRD, the next big adventure for KVRD and Syncrotek. As Nour Noury, Regional Manager for Syncrotek Holding MEA, put it; Sidewalk will present a new challenge to offer Egypt and the Middle East with a completely different experience and to definitely look forward of what’s more to come through this successful partnership.

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